Our Programs

Buffalo State's English Department offers undergraduate majors in English literature, English education, and creating writing, and several departmental minors. At the graduate level, we offer a master of arts in literature, a master of science in English education, a post-baccalaureate in English education (7-12), and a certificate in technical writing.

Complementary Minors

We encourage students majoring in any of the English Department Programs to also consider taking on a minor. Many fields of study will enhance the critical thinking, writing, and analytical skills that students gain by taking on an English, English Education, or Writing Degree. 

Some of the minors at Buffalo State serve as a strong complement to degrees in English. 

If you plan on taking a minor as a complement to your degree, please discuss your plans with your academic adviser. 

Roadmaps & Assessment

English, B.A. Roadmaps

Assessment & Curricular Maps

Assessment is an important part of our ongoing curricular development. Below are the assessment plans for our majors:

English BA Assessment Plan

English Writing BA Assessment Plan

Curricular Roadmaps: Curricular roadmaps visualize when concepts and skills are introduced in our majors.

English Literature BA Curricular Map

English Writing BA Curricular Map